Established in 1979.

Tri-Point Engineering was founded in 1979 when the Mazda RX-7 first became available. Initially starting out with high-performance work on rotary powered vehicles, TPE over the past 30 plus years has expanded it’s service to include all Mazda automobiles.

Tri-Point Engineering has competed in many facets of motorsports since it’s 1990 debut with a ’87 RX-7 SCCA Solo II race car and ProSolo cars, sand rails, drag cars, and many of the hottest high-performance street cars. Tri-Point’s record puts us ahead of all the competition, and we have the know-how to put you ahead of your competition, too.

Located in Canoga Park, California — ground-zero in the high-performance automotive aftermarket — Tri-Point Engineering features a complete repair, maintenance, engineering, design, and fabrication facility.