Roadster Cup race at Fontana Speedway!

We recently had a race at Fontana Speedway for the Miata Roadster Cup series. We ended up with 3 fast Miata's running strong all day long!

The White NA is Supercharged and equip with a second rear caliper set attached to a hydraulic hammer, while not the fastest on the track it is one of the most fun to drive!

While the Red NB was not built by us we were extremely happy and fortunate to have been able to maintain the car for the entire 2016 and soon to be 2017 Roadster Cup season.  

The Blue NA (powered by breakfast) was built by Tri-Point and is driven regularly at the absolute limit by one of the fastest drivers we have had the privilege to work with! With a Tri-Point built 1.9L with built internals and ported head this car is a force to be reckoned with on track. 


We are all looking forward to working with all of our customers present and future for this next season and beyond! 

As of time of this post we will be fielding 8 Miata's in Roadster Cup 2017!! Keep an eye out for us on the track! 

Shop NB Race Motor

After having a catastrophic failure of cylinder 4 coming down the front straight of Big Willow we sat down and came up with ideas for a next generation motor for our Race NB. We settled on making a 1.9L bored motor with balanced forged internals and an ITB setup. So far we have done 6 races on this setup and it is proving to be sturdy with plenty of power! 

Shop Race Car

We are extremely proud of the development work that has been done on the shops NB2. The decision was made to convert the car from DD for one of our co-owners to a fully track oriented race car! The results from Roadster Cup this past season were extremely promising, we have plenty of updates coming to this ITB Miata for next Roadster Cup season. 

First Project Car Feature

We've been a little behind on updating the website, the past few months have been a whirlwind of races, events, and customer projects! 

Here is one project that ended up winning Best Miata at MazFest 2016! This plucky little roadster is just as fast as it looks!