RX-8 Adaptronic ECU


RX-8 Adaptronic ECU



  • Built in 4-bar MAP sensor to replace the factory airflow meter.
  • VE tuning to simplify injector upgrades and simplify staging
  • Easy to use software
  • Plugs into factory wiring
  • Compatible with many third party dashes and devices
  • Full closed loop operation
  • Flex fuel capable
  • Air filter box flap output can be used for boost control if required
  • Factory ECU still controls the factory throttle, giving you factory idle, cruise control and traction control


  • This ECU also supports all the functions of the 440 ECU, however for advanced functions such as traction control, additional wiring and/or sensors will be necessary:
  • Flex fuel function – fill it up with gas/petrol or any ethanol concentration
  • Adaptive fuel control (self tuning) – reduces dyno time
  • Traction control function
  • Launch control, antilag, flat shift and boost by gear all standard
  • Serial input for wideband O2 sensors (we recommend the MTXL)
  • Serial output for communication with dashes and dataloggers (we recommend the Race Technology units)
  • Headphone port for listening to the knock sensor while tuning
  • Basic closed loop ignition control
  • Closed loop fuel, idle, boost, 2 x variable valve timing control
  • Easy to use software
  • 8 programmable digital inputs
  • Dual maps
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