RX7 S6 / eMod011 ECU 1993-1995 Adaptronic ECU


RX7 S6 / eMod011 ECU 1993-1995 Adaptronic ECU


The RX7 S6e/M0d011 ECU plugs directly into the factory loom, with additional inputs and outputs available on unused pins in the factory connector. The additional pins you have access to give you the following options:

      • An additional 2 injector outputs
      • An additional O2 input, and 2 additional 0-5V inputs for logging or other functions like sequential box strain gauges
      • Additional ignition output for conversion to direct fire
      • Oil pressure, fuel pressure and oil temperature inputs (plus we read the fuel temperature input and use that in the fuel density calculation)
      • CAN (Wideband lambda can be connected via analogue input, or via serial.)


  • Modular system, so that people can buy hardware upgrades later as their needs develop (eg additional inputs, outputs, or specific functions, eg drive by wire or built-in lambda)
  • Wireless communication
  • Maximum output of 22 (8 ignition, 8 injector, 4 auxiliary, tacho and fuel pump)
  • 3 complementary drivers in the ECU to drive inverse outputs
  • Smooth transition to direct fire
  • Drive dual speed fuel pump
  • Injector staging is automated
  • Has an option to manually set the percentage of fuel to be delivered in secondary (or third, or fourth…) stages
  • Handle the factory pickup, the 36-1 FFE trigger with the factory sensor, and the 36-1 FFE trigger with a Hall effect sensor
  • Great twin turbo control
  • Fast USB communication, requiring no drivers
  • Headphone port for listening to the knock sensor while tuning
  • 4 x serial in ports
  • 1 x CAN port
  • Power over USB to do loading of maps, firmware etc without having to provide it with 12V power
  • 32MB of onboard logging to flash
  • Exception logging, able to detect faults and log a bunch of things that happen around the same time to help with ECU setup and tech support
  • Tested to MIL-STD-202G, a military vibration standard, which varies the frequency and peaks at 7.5g of oscillating acceleration
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