ADAPTRONIC ECU Plug and Play for RX-7


ADAPTRONIC ECU Plug and Play for RX-7


Tri-Point offers installation and tuning services for this ECU at additional cost. Please reach out to us for details.

  • An additional 2 injector outputs

  • An additional O2 input, and 2 additional 0-5V inputs for logging or other functions like sequential box strain gauges

  • Additional ignition output for conversion to direct fire

  • Oil pressure, fuel pressure and oil temperature inputs (plus we read the fuel temperature input and use that in the fuel density calculation)

  • CAN (Wideband lambda can be connected via analogue input, or via serial.) 

  • Modular system, so that people can buy hardware upgrades later as their needs develop (eg additional inputs, outputs, or specific functions, eg drive by wire or built-in lambda)

  • Wireless communication

  • Maximum output of 22 (8 ignition, 8 injector, 4 auxiliary, tacho and fuel pump)

  • 3 complementary drivers in the ECU to drive inverse outputs

  • Smooth transition to direct fire

  • Drive dual speed fuel pump

  • Injector staging is automated

  • Has an option to manually set the percentage of fuel to be delivered in secondary (or third, or fourth…) stages

  • Handle the factory pickup, the 36-1 FFE trigger with the factory sensor, and the 36-1 FFE trigger with a Hall effect sensor

  • Great twin turbo control

  • Fast USB communication, requiring no drivers

  • Headphone port for listening to the knock sensor while tuning

  • 4 x serial in ports

  • 1 x CAN port

  • Power over USB to do loading of maps, firmware etc without having to provide it with 12V power

  • 32MB of onboard logging to flash

  • Exception logging, able to detect faults and log a bunch of things that happen around the same time to help with ECU setup and tech support

  • Tested to MIL-STD-202G, a military vibration standard, which varies the frequency and peaks at 7.5g of oscillating acceleration

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