ADAPTRONIC ECU Plug and Play for RX-8


ADAPTRONIC ECU Plug and Play for RX-8


This product is one of Adaptonic’s plug-in ECU and is a direct standalone plug and play ECU for the Series 1 Mazda RX8.

This is intended for OFF ROAD use only and is not legal on the street.

Please take note that the first version of the ECU will NOT support the following:

  • Front O2 sensor control

  • Cruise control

  • Traction control (DSC)

Cruise and traction control will later be supported through a firmware update on the first version units. But the front O2 sensor will only be supported on the later versions of the ECU (requires additional circuitry).


  • Modular system, so that people can buy hardware upgrades later as their needs develop (eg additional inputs, outputs, or specific functions, eg drive by wire or built-in lambda)

  • Built-in Oscilloscope; to aid in external hardware & wiring faults etc

  • Built in Simulator to test ecu logic & input/outputs without engine running

  • Wireless communication

  • Maximum output of 22 (8 ignition, 8 injector, 4 auxiliary, tacho and fuel pump)

  • Full Sequential Fuel & Ignition Control- Direct fire capable( 4 individual coils on a 2 rotor, up to 8 total-will run a 20B, 4 Rotor, 4/6/8 cylinder properly), and Individual Rotor/Cylinder Injector Trim( individual control up to 8 injectors)

  • 3 axis accelerometer (G sensor) and rate gyro

  • OMP, OEM DBW Throttle Body & Stock Fan Control

  • Traction & Launch Control configuration( Traction control requires traction control module upgrade at additional cost)

  • Fast USB communication, requiring no drivers

  • Headphone port for listening to the knock sensor while tuning

  • 32MB of onboard logging to flash

  • Tested to MIL-STD-202G, a military vibration standard, which varies the frequency and peaks at 7.5g of oscillating acceleration

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